Effective home staging goes beyond decorating, decluttering and making repairs. Great staging enhances your home’s best features and makes each room look bigger, brighter, and more welcoming.

The aim of home staging is to set a mood that makes potential home buyers envision themselves living in the space.

The Sohar Real Estate is well-versed in staging homes that achieve the ultimate buyer appeal. If you’re ready to sell your home, enhance your home’s best features with our top 5 staging tips.

  1. Curb appeal
  2. Inspired Home Spaces
  3. Chic Interior Design & Furnishings
  4. Lighting
  5. Eliminate Home Odours

Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior is the first impression potential buyers will make on your home. It will set the precedent for the interior and influence their interest in viewing the interior.

A pristine and well-maintained lawn and landscaping features will enhance your curb appeal. Cleaning the windows and power washing the exterior is an inexpensive alternative that makes your home’s exterior look clean and inviting.

If you have outdoor living spaces, such as a pool, deck, patio or spacious backyard, showcase it with appropriate outdoor furniture. Use your outdoor space to your advantage and create a mood that encourages buyers to imagine themselves using that space in the future.

Finally, a clear walkway leading up to your home is an excellent way to create a welcoming atmosphere as they step into your home.

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Inspired Home Spaces

Designating a defined purpose to every space and room shows interested buyers that every inch of your home is usable space.

Inspire possible buyers to maximize the home’s square footage by transforming your finished attic into an office, a finished basement into an entertainment space, or a storage room into a guest bedroom. This includes alcoves, window seats, reading nooks and so on.

Even if they wish to use the space in a new way, it will inspire potential buyers to envision themselves living in the space.

Chic Interior Designs & Furnishings

Simplistic, depersonalized and cozy interior designs and furnishings make a big impression without being overpowering. Sleek designs and minimal items on display will also help a room feel more spacious and bright.

Remove items that are out of date or too personal. Integrate natural elements, such as fresh flowers to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The aim is for buyers to feel comfortable, while allowing them to picture the space as their future home.

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Every home can benefit from a lighting adjustment. Light is a superb way to brighten a room or set a particular mood. Replace or update old light fixtures and invite the natural light indoors.

In rooms that feature large windows, take advantage of natural light and open the curtains or blinds when showing your home.

Replacing outdated overhead lighting or adding more, such as an eye-catching chandelier, is an exceptional way to enhance a room, showing off the best features of the room in a welcoming atmosphere.

Eliminate Home Odours

In the past, the delicious fragrance of baked cookies was a staple when staging a home. A solution that is easier to implement and typically more cost effective is to purchase a deodorizing spray with a fragrance you love, spraying the house sparingly before each showing.

Focusing on the smaller details will pay off and won’t go unnoticed by potential buyers. Home buyers are carefully accessing your home and weighing the pros and cons. If you place effort into emphasizing your home’s best features and carefully stage each room of your home, you will impress every potential buyer that walks through.