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When it comes to staging your home, appealing to the buyer’s senses is at the forefront of our approach.

It isn’t surprising that the decisions home buyers make are defined by how connected they feel to their potential home, which is why design and décor aren’t enough.

Often, homeowners focus on general home staging practices, such as furniture styling, without considering the furniture’s use, purpose, and the emotional impact from the buyer’s perspective, unintentionally creating a feeling of unfamiliarity and detachment. Situations like these are not uncommon and can delay and influence the sale.

That’s why we don’t just stage.

We create an emotionally-driven atmosphere by incorporating audio, visual, and tactile cues, that heighten the buyer’s attachment to the home and guide their decisions towards the purchase.

How we appeal to the buyer’s senses

Sense of Smell

Smell is a very impactful sense and can influence a buyer’s opinion about your home. Applying a fresh coat of paint, replacing old rugs and linens are great ways to freshen up the atmosphere. We will help you prepare your home for optimal showings.

Sense of Sight

Striking wall finishes, an accent piece, the proper window treatment, or a spacious and well-organized pantry, are details that help potential buyers envision themselves living in the home. We will look at every minute detail to achieve a flawless look.

Sense of Sound

Dripping faucets and squeaky floors will negatively impact the selling potential of your home. We will help you address any snags that may distract potential buyers, well before listing your home.

Sense of Touch

Dressing a home with comfortable sofas, carpets, soft cushions, and smooth linens are just a few ways that we will help you tap into the buyer’s sentiment.

Sense of Taste

Sometimes the simplest pleasures make the most significant impact. Leave your guests a savory treat for them to remember your home by. You will be surprised to know how many houses potential buyers visit in a day!

We specialize in creating spaces that buyers will relate to.

Drive more traffic to your property

Significantly increase your property’s value

Sell your home faster

Heighten your online presence with appealing photographs and online tours

We maximize the selling potential of your home, increase your home’s marketability, and minimizes listing timelines.