If you’re planning to sell your home, home staging can have a significant impact on how it appeals to buyers. But it’s not always easy to figure out how to get each room in your house ready for sale. You want the potential new owners to be able to see themselves in your space and envision making it their own. Every room should be thoughtfully planned out to ensure you get top dollar for your home.

It’s amazing how a few upgrades can take your home from lacklustre to luxe. Here’s a room by room plan for getting your home ready to sell.


The kitchen is the heart of most homes, so you want potential buyers to envision themselves spending lots of time in your cooking and dining space. Make sure your kitchen is not only tidy, but also clean – scrub it down, wash the floors, get rid of any unwanted food or gadgets. Group your favourite kitchen accessories together in a decorative tray to make things look tidy, and add a bouquet of flowers for a refined touch.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should be equal parts luxurious and cozy. Get rid of any clutter and keep it simple, but stylish, making sure your linens and accessories compliment your paint colour. If your bedroom is on the smaller side, use a tall mirror to make the space feel larger, and ensure it is well-lit.


Give extra attention to your bathroom(s) to make sure it’s super clean from top to bottom. Upgrade the space by adding plush towels, a new bath mat and shower curtain, and some nice hand soap. Make sure your vanity isn’t cluttered, and remove any prescription drugs or other personal items you don’t want potential buyers to see. You can add in a few candles and green plants to make it feel extra inviting.

Kid’s Rooms

Kid’s rooms should be playful. Tidy up and remove clutter so the room looks spacious, but don’t be afraid to create a play area so the room feels comfortable and fun. Keep the colour and youthfulness in the room, and let in as much natural light as possible.


New buyers will love envisioning themselves sitting in your outdoor space on a cozy weekend morning or warm summer night. Make it a space they can’t resist with gorgeous outdoor furniture, healthy plants, and updated lighting. A weather-resistant rug will also give dimension and warmth to the area.


Your entrance makes the first impression for your entire home. Entranceways often become cluttered and messy, so take away most of the outerwear and shoes and leave only a few of your favourites. Place a nice door mat in front of the door, and add in any hooks, shelving, or decorative items to help elevate the space.

If you’re ready to sell your home, use this room by room guide to get your house in tip top shape!